Plastic palmS

When Hawai’i comes to mind, many envision a sunny, picture-perfect paradise filled with tanned surfers and coconuts. Tourists fail to see what lies beyond the plastic pineapple cups and leis sold in the gift shops of Waikiki -- leaving them with a shallow, unrealistic perception of what the Islands are truly like. In order to change this perception, I decided to photograph the darker side of Hawai’i’s subcultures in juxtaposition of the plastic, strange absurdity of Hawai’i’s tourism industry.

Each island differs in lifestyle and culture. Out of all the islands, O’ahu is the busiest, most progressive and most gentrified. It is also home to various different subcultures, with one of them being the goth scene. The scene has been a part of Hawai’i’s nightlife for decades and has provided many people with a solid, familial community. To get a deeper perspective of what this scene is like, I interviewed eleven different people who live gothic/darker lifestyles on the island of O’ahu.

This project was also featured in Topic Magazine, which can be viewed here: